Garmin edge 800 - worth the extra? or get the 705?

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The edge 800 looks amazing. I love the touchscreen, the bigger display etc etc.
But i cant believe the price.
The 705 road package is £300 (with sd card) ... ed-cadence

the edge 800 is £440!

is it really worth the extra money??


  • sungod
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    the 800 isn't due for release for some time yet, so i wouldn't trust any current pricing, once it's actually on the market there'll be some competition

    i've got a 705, it does the job, main issue for me is the time it tales garmin to resolve software issues

    the 800 software is still being worked on to resolve problems (according to what the early reviewers say)

    but garmin don't have a good track record, so there's no guarantee the 800 will release in a fit state, garmin still hasn't fixed problems with the 705 software, the last release was so bad that they pulled it

    i don't mind the physical buttons on the 705, it means i can operate it without taking my eyes off the road, and i don't really want to read a map while i'm moving, so imho the bigger screen of the 800 isn't a big deal, and the touch screen is a negative! it's nice that it's a bit smaller though

    if they can get the software working properly, now that'd be a selling point!
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