Wilier Frameset Question

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I am considering buying a new Wilier frameset (hopefully a Gran Turismo when it is released) to build my dream bike. However, being a relative noob to doing my own servicing I am not too confident about fitting forks and headsets.

My question is when you buy a frameset new do you have to mess about fitting headsets and forks etc or is it just a case of bunging on a spacer or two, chopping the steerer tube down to size and fitting the stem and bars?




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    I hadn't seen this post earlier but I believe if you buy a Wilier Gran Turismo frame it comes complete with the fork and headset already assembled, so you haven't go to worry about fitting yourself. Not too sure regarding cutting the steerer tube to size, but this could be confirmed by the supplying dealer. You will also have the seat post clamp, rear derailleur hanger and front derailleur mount already supllied and fitted to the frame.

    If you are not sure you can always call your nearest Wilier dealer to confirm this. I've also been told the frames aren't available until mid/end November. I only know this as I am waiting for mine to arrive and I have been told that's the time scale.
  • You will need a crown race slide hammer and steerer tube cutting guide.
  • Thanks, I'll soon find out because I have a frameset currently winging its way to me from Denmark, it should arrive in the next few days. According to the postal tracking it is sat in Copenhagen airport at the moment! I used a company called Bikebuster and it was a fair bit cheaper than buying it over here even after paying for shipping.

    I've all the other components ready and waiting for it's arrival. Getting excited now, like being a kid again waiting for Christmas!
  • How did you go with the Wilier GT? I have one that is hopefully on its way from the Netherlands to Australia. I forgot to check if it is supplied with a Headset... I'm hoping it is.

    I'm looking forward to getting it on the road before our summer finishes!