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Rock Shox Domain Recall - 2008

nitchnitch Posts: 5
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi everyone, looked around this site and forum for a few years now, been very useful but now just wondering if any dealers/distributors might be able to answer my question. Going to try and get to the shop tomorrow if I can otherwise.

Anyway, I bought a bike second hand last year that came with the Rock Shox Tora 302. The fork's been playing up a bit recently so went on to the SRAM site to look for some servicing guides and found this instead:

Looking at my fork, it does have that date code so should be replaced which is a bonus. My question is, do recalls ever expire or should they be honoured even if it's almost two years old?



  • ? You have Toras and the recall is for Domains :?
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  • lol, thanks for the reply, only read the 302 bit!

    oh well, there goes the new forks idea

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