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Robert456Robert456 Posts: 103
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Just fitted the new Campag Ultra Shift cable ser to my older style 10 speed setup, have to say that I am very impressed with the shifting from the new cable set, I know that new cable sets always make a good difference but these do seem particulalry good compared to the older style ergo set,

That aside, the brake cable outers came without ferrules, if this normal, have fitted it all together and all seems fine, just thought ferrules where a standard fittement to brake as well as gear cable outers.

Minor point, came without crimp caps for the cable ends, come on Campag!


  • TeachTeach Posts: 386
    I don't bother cutting them. They are neatly neatly looped and if I need to adjust them at a later date there is still wire there and not splayed in some random direction that I can't do anything with..
  • MRaddMRadd Posts: 205
    Generally speaking,

    Brake cables are 5mm wide. Gear are 4mm.

    I know that some gear/brake cables are different sizes, but this is a general rule of thumb, well in terms of what we fit anyway!
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  • I always remeber using ferrules with 5mm brake cables, just not sure what Campag's thinking is behind not supplying them
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