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Cube Ltd Front rotor and calliper

warren100ukwarren100uk Posts: 11
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Hi all,

Ive had my Cube Ltd for just over a year now and ever since getting it the front rotor has always rubbed on the pads. Normally with a bit of fiddling i can get it so its not to bad. I get it serviced often and they have said on the last 2 that the rotor is warped. I just got it back from them and rode it home and it was even worse. So i got a new rotor and fitted it, same issue. When the wheel spins the rotor hits 1 side then after a second hits the other side, both the new and old rotor do this. I have tried adjusting the calliper but cant get it to stop. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else maybe causing this?

Any help would be great as it is really doing my head in, thanks in advance for any help.



  • it could be that there is a little too much fluid in the system?? what i'd be tempted to do would be to remove the wheel, using the largest flat blade screw driver/implement you can get inbetween the padsprise the pads apart as much as you can, then crack the bleed nipple and prize them open a little more if you can, tighten the nipple up,
    also might be worth opening the pad spring up some more, i always bend mine open a lot more to help push the pads apart!

    a lot of rotors have a light warp, quite often Brand new ones come with such, but you can normally get the caliper sat so it runs as close as possible to spot on, with only a light touching,
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply, i did this and it has not worked. When i take off the wheel and spread the pads apart and put the wheel back it runs through fine until i press the brake. Ive tried everything and the bike shop are not much help either,as i said the last few times the told me it was the rotor which is warped but the new one does the same. Iam taking back to them on Monday as i paid £70 for a full service and it has come out worse than it went in.I dont mid alittle rubbing but i can feel it vibrating through the handle bars.

  • sounds like they arnt retracting enough, i'd be really tempted to pop the pads out and if you have a spring between them open it up some and put them back in, other wise keep takingit back until they sort it!
    After all, I am Cornish!
    Cotic Soul, The bike of Legends!:wink: Yes, I Am a bike tart! ... 1#16297481
  • i had a similar problem, with my formulas and it was because the pistons were not returning properly i used some castrol red grease on the pistons, remove pads and squeeze brakes until the piston comes out be careful you dont want to pop them right out then spread a little grease over the pistons with a cotton bud or something and push back like has previously been said see if that helps, you may need to do this a couple of times.
  • I've been having the same problem with the front brake on my LTD Race 2010. Managed to get it down to a light rubbing, not enough to slow me down any but still pretty irritating all the same.

    Just wondering did you have any joy sorting it out with the above suggestion or any other method??
  • Same problem here with my 10 cube ltd pro. I get to the point now where i dont care about, i reckon its just poor build quality on the strokers, and eventually i will upgrade. I normally ride with headphones and even without them the rubbing is not bad enough that i notice. I notice the lack of power the strokers have more than the whining of them
  • Its not so much a whining as a intermittent 'ching ching' kinda noise. Comes and goes but its there more often than its not. Not a huge deal but a bit irritating when your on a nice quite stretch of road and all you have for company is that noise.
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