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Hi i have a old racing bike with 20 speed so 5 on back so my chain is 5 -7 sp. , and i would like to fit new crank set on front one of external b/b sora double , do you know if that set up will work and not rubbing against small and big ring
Thx Greg


  • keef66
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    Do you mean 10 speed? You could only have 20 speed with 5 cogs at the back if you had 4 chainrings, which would be unusual if not unique.

    Or do you have 20 speed, (2 chainrings, 10 sprockets at the back)? In which case your 5-7 speed cahin would be too thick.
  • Really sorry 10 sp :P so 2 front 5 back Thx
  • keef66
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    So you're just replacing the existing double crankset with another double. I'd have thought all you need is the crankset and BB then.

    You might have to move the front mech up / down a bit if the big chainring's a different size, and you'd be best to set up the cable tension / limit screws from scratch.
  • cool thx