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shimano deore xt disc brakes

paul_dickopaul_dicko Posts: 4
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi there im new it this forum but i have a question??

I have as titled on my bike a set of deore xt disc brakes shown here ... -condition

the problem i have with them is that they arent very good at stopping, they work in good order but they dont seem to have much stopping power ie riding then use the rear brake hard it wont lock up the rear wheel?

i have ran thought new fiuld to make sure there isnt any air but no difference?

all parts on the brakes i would say are the orignal ones and i have recently changed the pads

any ideas???

Thanks Paul


  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    i have these brakes on my Rockhopper

    TBH i know what you mean about the rear. The front are cracking, but i struggle to lock out the rear when braking hard.

    I put it down to my weight (currently 16 stone), and my choice of pad. I did have some Ashima SOS pads in there, whcih were pretty impressive, and amazing in the wet, but got contaminated when i was lubing after a wash, so have gone back to the XT pads that came with the brakes.

    They work OK, but are not great.

    Im planning to fit larger rotors to try and compensate for my weight, plus some new Ashimas
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    I have XT brakes onmy HT and they stop amazingley well with just one finger. Maybe the pads have been contaminated so u should prob replace them for new front and rear then once bedded in if ur still not happy with them u can fit a new rotor to up the ante, i have 203mm front and rear and my brakes could stop a truck if the needed to im totally convinced :D
  • Smaller disk on the rear?

    The rear brake should be used for turning not stopping anyways!
  • thanks for the replies folks, they are very spongy i was thinking of changing the rotors to a waver patterned one maybe the alligator type, what you think ??? because the orignal one look censored and it pretty much a flat surface that the pad it biting onto.
    When i brought the pad they wasnt the orignal Shimano one they were pretty cheap so this might effecting it also.

    What you think??
  • Smaller disk on the rear?

    The rear brake should be used for turning not stopping anyways!

    i know this but they have no bite what so ever?? i have had more powerful bulldog brakes, when i had magura hs33 on one of my older bike they were really sharp and responsive
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    I'm really impressed with my XT brakes. When I first got them the rear was a bit limp but the dealer bleed it and no problems since. More than enough power to lock up front or rear with little effort even with my weight. Either you have air still trapped in the system or the pads are contaminated.
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