Going Tubeless......any difference?

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Having budgeted myself aggressively the start of summer, i have some yoyos available, and am going to be on the lookout for a wheel upgrade for my SL Pro Ultegra 6700.

SO.....Whats the benefit of tubeless? Planet X have a 20mm carbon set going at the mo, and I dont want to dive in. Are they safer? Puncture proof? Will i need a med-evac chinook to rescue me if i do get punctured?

Theyre going for £399.
Must go faster.


  • tatanab
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    They are not tubeless rims they are tubular. A different thing entirely. If you search the various cycling forums you will find discussion about differences/advantages of tubular (aka tubs) over light wired on.

    In the event of a blow out they are arguably safer. Puncture proof - no, but neither is a wired on tyre unless you use solid ones. Puncture resistant, depending which tyre you by they are the same as wired on. Repairs are not easy and you would probbaly be advised to send them off to a specialist. Of course you need to carry a spare with you in the event of a flat.

    Is it worth doing? Unless you want a special set of wheels for special events and are a rapid rider then the answer is almost certainly not. If however you appreciate the feel of the tubular then you might be prepared to put up with all the above.

    I have a TT bike from 1979 which I keep on tubs as it was when it was new. I don't ride it very often, just occassionally as a rose tinted spectacles reminder of the rider I never was.