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Have been using my road bike (trek 1.1) recently for commuting but have been plagued by punctures. Spent lunchtime today taking out a thorn and putting in a new inner tube. I have a mountain bike and don't think I have ever had a puncture on it. Any recomendations as to how I can try and reduce the number of puntures I get? People have mentioned more resistant tyres (ideas? / price), gel in the inner tubes?

Any ideas would be good


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    try changing the tyres, you didn't mention which size you prefer, if it's for commuting then a 28 will be ok, maybe this would suit you... ... 360007837/

    ...if you want something skinnier then... ... 300002585/

    btw i linked to wiggle as it's easy, but may not be the best price you can find

    make sure you're running at the manufacturer's recommended pressure

    glop in the tubes, yuck, don't do it
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    I've got the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Smartguard city tyre on my bike, 700 x 28mm.

    They seem to get great reviews... no punctures for me yet although I have only done about 100 miles. I have gone over some glass and a fair few pot holes in that time though.
  • Are all your punctures definitely caused by stuff going through the tyre? Check the rim tape is OK and keep the tyres pumped. I run Vittoria Rubino Pros 700x23 and, whilst I didn't get them for puncture resistance, these have suffered only a handful of flats in, maybe, the last 5000 miles. If that doesn't work, change where you ride! Try and avoid cycle lanes if poss, and ride primary if traffic/speed allows - the middle of the road is a lot cleaner than the edge.

    Keep a penknife handy and hook out all the debris that gets embedded in the tyre. If you look closely it's amazing how much grit and glass you can be riding around with!
  • Im a fat fucker, and run 700x23's so unless you live in beirut, there is no reason to go higher..

    I have to reccomend conti gatorskins. Bombproof and pretty fast!
  • Better tyres, that'll help. But if the bike is used for work (like mine) that isn't enough, so I bought slime filled inners. Another bit of protection and hopefully once it repairs itself pump up and carry on. Hopefully.
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    Keep the pressure up at around 100psi, avoid stones & other road debris, raised ironworks, hedge trimmings, glass left by thoughtful drunks & hoodlums, and before refitting the tyre after a puncture remove it completely, stand in bright sunlight and work your way round v slowly removing anything that looks like it shouldn't be there, on the inside and outside surfaces. Be thorough. And check the rim tape - I stuck bits of Duct tape in places on mine where there were crinkles / rough edges showing. Touch wood - no flats since. I run Mich Pro Race 3 FWIW.
  • ..I've found Speclalized Nimbus Armadillo's - 700 x28 on my commuter for the last 3 years- to be pretty bullet punctures at all......(come on, Fate, now do your worst!!!)
  • You can get 25-section Marathon+ which I use and I have never punctured since..... :roll:

    Maybe heavy in the scheme of things but a few grams vs punctures in the winter is a no-brainer.
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