Derailleur problems x3

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So I have three problems with my derailleur. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

1) When I change gear at the back sometimes I hear a constant ticking noise, which stops when I tap the gear lever a little. I'm guessing that the gear isn't fully engaged, but my query is that it never used to it a problem with my shifters/cables/chain....??

2) When cleaning my bike I noticed that part of the front derailleur is resting on the frame and has chipped the paintwork. It's the bit that looks like a spring or eight small washers bunched together (apologies for the terrible description, if you look at image 8 here: ... %2Farticle

I'm referring to the bit just behind where it says SRAM Rival.

3) I'm guessing this is causing no.2 problem. I'm having difficulty when changing the front cogs. It's got progressively worse over the last month, but when shifting to the outermost ring. It's as if the front derailleur hasn't got enough force to push the chain onto the biggest cog and doesn't engage, unless I go into a high gear and really force the lever. It also sometimes requires two clicks of the lever to go back down to the inner cog.

Apologies for the lack of clarity. If you need more details or photo's let me know.


  • 2 and 3 are the same problem. You cable has stretched so the front mech is drifting inwards. You need to do two things. Firstly, adjust the cable using the in-line adjuster. You want to see your mech moving outwards as you turn the adjuster. Secondly, the limit screw that stops your front mech moving too far inwards needs adjusting to stop the mech touching the frame. It is one of the two cross head screws on the top of the black bit of the mech. Sorry, I can never remember which limit screw is which so you'll have to work out which it is.

    If you can't adjust the mech enough using the in-line adjuster then you'll need to undo the cable clamp on the mech and move the cable a bit. Do this while the cable is slack.