Mercian Audax Triple - Value??

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Hi Guys

Just been tempted by the sales and bought a Specialized Secteur Elite for future riding.

Have now got a largely redundant Mercian Audax Triple Mirage that I bought some 14 years ago. Has given trusted service over that time and is still in very good nick cosmetically. Recently spent about £150 reviving the drive train with a new Mirage BB, a new Campag Record 8-speed cassette, new chain and a new 50T chain ring on the crank.
Was thinking of advertising it or contacting a couple of posts on the "Wanted" forum but I'm not sure how much to ask. Clearly I would like to recover my refurb costs but with a new Mercian Audax costing north of £2000 I don't know where to pitch the second hand price.

Any ideas out there


  • Put it on ebay and it will find its worth.

    I'm rubbish at pricing stuff I sell so that parrt of ebay I like.
  • vorsprung
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    I was surprised recently to see a 1980s Mercian with two tone rust but in reasonable shape go for 200 quid on ebay

    If you do decide to sell it online then be sure to carefully clean every little nook and cranny on it and then take a set of loving photographs

    If you have the room in your shed, don't sell it. Keep it as a spare bike, sounds fine to me.
  • With Mirage kit and assuming it is 531/653 or simlar with Ergo levers, then £450-550?
    Greetings from the wet and windy North west
  • arlowood
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    Hi there

    Yes it has a Reynolds 531 Competition frame, full Campag Mirage groupset (apart from the new Record 8-speed cassette and 50T chainring now fitted) with STI Ergo shifters, 50-40-30 Mirage crankset, Mavic Open 4CD wheels with Campag hubs. Headset is Campag with ITM stem and ITM Super Italia Pro-2 bars. Saddle is a Rolls San Marco - showing its age a bit!
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    Try Retrobike forum. Most of the value is in the frame - £300-400 for the whole bike or you might be able to get £200-250 for the frame alone.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..