drop bar & brakes on mountain bike

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Hi, my son has taken to cycling this year & as i work offshore & i'm not home an awful lot i've given him my tt bike & winter bike. the thing is i would still like to go out on the sunday runs with my son & the local club when i'm home so rather than buy a new winter bike i was looking at putting drop bars on my mountain bike. can anyone tell me what brake/gear levers work best with v-brakes & if there's any reason i can't just find a set of sora's on ebay & stick them on.



  • You will find it difficult to get V-brakes to work with dropbar levers. The brakes need to pul a lot of cable to work. You may need to add some travel adapters or alternatively change to cantilever brakes (it is only for stopping on the road). gear pull ratio for Sora should be OK for the gears
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    This explains why STI levers and V-brakes don't work. The options seem to be:

    1. use mini-v's (such as these or these;

    2. use v's with a Problem Solvers "Travel Agent";

    3. get some canti brakes such as Tektro Oryx (you will need brake cable hangers fro front and rear);

    4. or maybe use Modolo Morphos STI road levers (I have read that these do pull enough cable for v-brakes but can't confirm this, I suggest you ask SJS or Spa Cyclesbefore buying, because they may not work).

    With v's or mini v's on road levers you may need an adjustable noodle as because of the close clearance required it is sometimes not possible to undo the v-brake to release the wheel (alternatively get an inline adjuster.

    So, it isn't easy, a second bike may be simpler and more cost effective.

    I have drop bars with Tiagra STI's and Campag Veloce Linear Pull brakes (like mini v's) and they work fine (though I needed adjustable noodles. I specced my touring bike this way when Condor built it, rather than converting a flat bar bike, so the costs were not high).
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    I suspect that the frame geometry would make it a bit of an ordeal. MTBs tend to have long top tubes/reach compared to road bikes. Drop bars will make this worse.
  • top tube would be too long. Geometry / reach would be all out of kilter.
    Better to get decent long bar ends and keep the flat bars.
    I used to have Scott AT4 pro bars for my mtb - a great compromise.
    You can get some bar ends that look like "drops" - see St John St Cycles I think

    Better to get a cheap roadie than to try and convert a MTB that would be the wrong size...
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    Dave Zabraskie has a MTB with Drops:

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  • You could go for Avid BB7 Road disc brakes. Overkill but why not...?
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