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glasses for broken nose

slawtslawt Posts: 6
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Can anyone help me find a pair of glasses for riding that won't cost the earth. I broke my nose many times as a teenager in karate competitions and have always struggled finding glasses to fit. I always have to buy normal glasses with wire nose supports and bend them out as far as they will go. I was hoping to spend less than £50.

Cheers :cry:


  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    Problem is most bike glasses have rubber or plastic bridges whih won't bend like wire does so you'll struggle I think

    I assume the bridge of your nose has been battered flat/wide and won't support normal cycling glasses?

    Specialized Arc has a moulded nosepiece that looks as though it might be malleable to shape ... 3&eid=4953
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Try Oakley radars ? They have a nosepiece specifically for the wider Asian nose ?
    Bit pricey - but will last for years.
  • thanks for your advice, I'll try them both. Whenever I try riding glasses they sit really high on my face. I don't get it there must be thousands of people with similar noses to me what do they where?
  • TimB34TimB34 Posts: 316
    Although I've never broken it, I have quite a wide bridge (and I admit, quite a big nose...)

    For cycling and general use, I have a pair of Julbo Sail XL glasses - supposedly sailing-specific, but I don't know how. Decent lenses and a good fit. They are for teh "bigger head" but stay on ok. ... xl_29.html

    Interesting about the radars though, I'll look out for those
  • radars have two nose pieces when you buy them. If you go for the larger lens they come futher down the face too (so counteracting the brige being high on people with wide noses).
  • I just found some Rudy project glasses online has anyone used these, they look like they have adjustable nose pieces. ... 3#features
  • AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
    I was going to suggest these on reading your post, but you said your budget was £50 originally. The nose pieces are fully adjustaable ie. you can bend them as far in or out as you wish. The back half of the arms are also adjustable.
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