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Lapierre Froggy Sizing

anderwhoanderwho Posts: 12
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I'm waiting to buy a 2011 Lapierre Froggy but am a bit unsure of what size to buy...

I'm 6'1" tall.

I had a demo ride on a 43cm Froggy (smaller of two sizes) bike, and it's top tube length was the same as my Large sized Ironhorse (6 point 4). It suited me fine but Lapierre recommend me buying the larger 48cm bike. Although they didn't have one for me to demo on that day.

The 48cm frame seems quite a jump and I wouldn't want to loose any of its playfulness. If you've got one can you help me out by recommending a size. I really don't like feeling stretched out on a bike. Thanks

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  • JDRfiveJDRfive Posts: 72
    Obviously giving it a try is the best idea, but if you're used to a smaller frame size i'd stick with that. I'm two inches taller than my recommended frame size (for Kona) but I prefer it because it's easier to manouvere.

    If it's what you're used to then you'll likely have more fun straight out of the box. ;)
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