Bike Value: Wilier Mortirolo Veloce

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Chaps, please forgive me for this purely selfish post.

My father in law sadly died on a club run last weekend and I have offered to help my mother in law sell his bike (it was kindly offered to me but I get all emotional just looking at it). Hence, I would like to a) ensure that my mother in law gets as much as she can to help her in her hour of need and b) ensure that a cyclist doesn't pay over the odds for it (which should also ensure the bike actually sells).

Absolutely nothing wrong with the steed (no RTA, etc.), not a mark on it and it is only 7 months old with about 1,000 dry miles on the clock.

The original price paid was £1,800 and it is the same as this one. So, any thoughts on the asking price?

Many thanks in advance.


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    Firstly, sorry for your loss and hopefully can try and make this as painless as possble.
    If you want to maximise your price, then selling on ebay keeps you away from the haggling of buyers, you just then have to arrange shipping or collection. Good photos and clear description will maximise interest - I'd start with a low reserve too, say £500.
    Generally, as soon as you wheel a bike out the shop it looses 25%-30% of its value - due to the vat and dealer margin. It's also worth checking whether the model is currently discounted in end of season sales, but I'd say that £1000 would be a good target price.
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    its a bloody lovely bike - but I would say that as I already have one - must make more than 4 figures
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