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Another "what bike" question

EyonEyon Posts: 623
edited August 2010 in MTB buying advice
Right, after trying and failing to get my hands on a Giant Trance X3, I've found some other, possibly a lot better, options, they are as follows:

Cube AMS 125 RX ... _31151.htm

Lapierre Zesty 314 ... _29235.htm

Specialized Stumpjumper Elite ... _28536.htm

The Cube gives the best value for money without a doubt, but I cant find much info on the bike or the brand, but the equipment is good. The Lapierre is a good bike, as much as I'd rather have the Spicy I dont really need the travel so i think its best to save the weight. And finally the specialized is a good bike, i know the large frame fits me and its comfortable, and the brand is well known, but I like to be different and have something that not a lot of other people have.

So, minds of Bike Radar, what to spend my hard earned dosh on?
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