Trek 1500 (2007) vs Boardman Pro CX Cyclocross (2010)

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Alright all,

My first post, so be gentle.

I'm on the cusp of buying a bike which will be used for a 28Mile (return) hilly commute to work but also for Sprint/Olympic Triathlons.

I was going to take advantage of the Bikes for Work scheme and get a Boardman Pro CX Cyclocross. With the discount this will probably come in for around £600 as opposed to the RRP of £999 so seems like a good deal.

Someone has popped up offering a hardly used '07 Trek 1500 in good condition for £750 which is available now, and wouldn't leave me tied into a Scheme so am quite tempted. Apparently it was £1500-1600 new.

Weight wise, from what I can see they seem to be similar I don't know enough about bikes to compare them directly but several friends of mine have commented that the Boardman stuff punches way above its weight.

My questions then. Is £750 overpriced for the Trek? Is it a good deal, or should I go for the Boardman?

Any help with this much appreciated.



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    I'd not pay 750 for a 3 year old alu frame with ultegra - even if it did fit me ?

    Er why a cyclocross ? Unless your route has a fair bit of offroad on ?

    Two very different bikes. Why arent you looking at the Boardman road range ?
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    Thanks for that. Good point well made.

    I do want a Road bike so I am obviously mistaken re: the cyclocross.

    Did Boardman not used to do a road bike for £999 (which is what I have misteken the cyclocross for)? If so it doesn't appear to be so anymore unless I am mistaken. All I can find is the Team carbon for £1200 and the Road Bike Comp for £700 (which surely is not as good as the Trek).

    The Bikes for Work scheme has a limit of £1000 which rules out the Team Carbon.

    When I saw the Trek I was impressed with the weight & build compared with other (new) bikes around the £700 mark so something that matches that is what I am looking for.
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    you're right that they did used to offer a good looking bike at £999 but then it suddenly became £1199 which puts it out for most people. If you really want to do triathlons then a road bike is what you want and that Trek sounds WELL overpriced to me...
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    I reckon the new alu boardman would be a far better buy than the used trek.
    The cross bike will be a great bike but not really suited to your purposes.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether the Boardman Road Comp Medium 2010 would be a suitable alternative to the Trek as that would work out much cheaper over the course of the year...
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    A friend has an ali Team and its a great bike. They were £849. I expect there will be a new version when the new bikes hit the shops in October.
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