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Component Mixing

Alder93Alder93 Posts: 39
edited August 2010 in Workshop
I have a mix of 9speed shimano on my bike, tiagra to ultegra, but all shimano. But i want to make it into a full 10speed. iv decided on sram force shifters and a microshift derailleur.
Both of them say they are compatable with shimano, therefore with eachother, yes? would you suggest a sram cassette or will shimano be okay too?
Thanks :wink:


  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    Why the need to mix it up?
  • Alder93Alder93 Posts: 39
    cheaper :oops: :lol:
    the force mech is about £70, the microshift is £30. and there is only about 8g difference :wink:
  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    Here's what I know.
    Shimano and Sram share cassette spacings.
    I don't think their shifters have the same actuaction/cable pull (I await correction on this) so are not interchangeable.
    Microshift stuff is very poor quality, at least the stuff my daughter's bike was cursed with certainly was.
  • +1 on the microshift.

    Don't do it man. There might be a minimal weight differential, but there's a yawning chasm in terms of quality.

    Generally speaking, you get what you pay for in life. I reckon there's no issue with mixing, but keep it all one brand just to be safe. Derailleur probs are a headache you don't want to be dealing with....
  • Alder93Alder93 Posts: 39
    well the mech was the part i wasnt too worried about
    it only moves as much as the shifters make it, so it would work(even if its not for long :lol: )
    and microshift seem to have came on alot from the £5 twist grips. they do carbon parts and seem ok when i looked at them.

    i was mainly asking about what cassette to use. i would use a cheap mech untill i see a cheaper one come up

  • PeterBLPeterBL Posts: 209
    Shimano and Sram shifters don't have the same cable pull, so you can't mix. I'd guess a Microshift derailleur runs Shimano cable pull.
  • Alder93Alder93 Posts: 39
    i wasnt aware that dereilleurs had set amounts? just what the shifters made them move.
    oh well, guess its going to be full sram (i shouldnt be so tight! haha)
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