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Any reccomendations on legwarmers? I will be getting bibtights for the coldest conditions but reckon I will be able to get by with legwarmers until then, so any suggestions appreciated.


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    Castelli Nano Windproof. Comfortable and warm. Windproof on the front panels and stay up well using rubber grippers.
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    Assos Roubaix - they are more expensive than others but nowhere near the kind of prices Assos charge for their kit and the quality is excellent. Thicker than most other warmers I've used and provide a nice snug fit all over rather than just being tight at the ends. If you have a
    pair of shorts or bibs that you like these should turn them into good winter longs without having to buy winter specific tights.
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    surprised no one has posted a comment about purple legwarmers a la Fame circa 1982

    Also thinking about some to augment my bibshorts- just have this nagging fear of a gap appearing mid-thigh and having to constantly hoik them up

    May resort to wearing my long tights under bibs to stop the tights creeping down
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    I got some Gore wind-stopper ones off the classifieds on here. They are excellent I would buy them again if need be.
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    carrock wrote:
    surprised no one has posted a comment about purple legwarmers a la Fame circa 1982
  • Hincapie Arenberg Leg Warmers are the best i have used. Warm, not too bulky like the Assos ones and not to tight at the top like the Rapha ones, they stretch in all the right places. Brilliant bit of kit and not a stupid price for a basic product.
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    ive got some gore windstopper ones, they do the trick for me and i suffer with the cold quite a bit
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    Specialized ones have windproofing at the front and lycra at the back. Grippers top and bottom. Excellent kit. Prendas have also brought out some Santini ones