Which Schwalbe Marathon this winter?

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Hi All: age old problem but here goes:

Used Conti Gators for last couple of winters but wheel change to Easton 50SL's means need to revisit! 1 puncture in 2000m on Gators so protection level was OK

It's a 12 mile fast commute; road in then Taff trail home (mostly tarmac and gravel and some muddy bits. Scrote laid glass for 100m)

Options narrowed to the following;
- Conti folding Gators in the hope they'll be easier fitting
- Conti 4 seasons but probably too roady/not p* resitant enough?
- Schwalbe Marathon racer (folding) - no idea how tough these will be compared to Gators?
- Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (folding)
- Stick with the current Schwalbe Blizzards and see how they go (but then worryguts every evening on the way home!)

Any ideas or experience? Obviously changing means up to £80 inc new inners & spares so want to get this right!



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    The choice between those tires is mainly a choice of which width, you want. The contis you mention are race tyre width, up to 28mm, while the Schwalbes are citybike tires. Which width do you need?

    Schwalbe Durano (plus) is more comparable to the contis and you current tire.
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    The taff trail has been uber shit this year, and I reckon it will be much worse this winter. That section just by Cardiff HSOB is a disaster and a puncture magnet IMO. That said I'll be doing it come darkness time.
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    I have Marathon Supremes on my audax bike. They're not light, but they roll beautifully, and the grip on road is great, especially in bad conditions. Haven't had a p* yet, though this bike doesn't see broken glass often.

    In the city, I used to run Marathon Racers - but got loads of punctures due to glass shards getting stuck between the treads. Replaced them with the heavier and slightly slower Marathon Plus, which did 1000 urban miles without a single p* and still counting.

    Slight Schwalbe allegiance here, I've got to admit ;)
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    Just get this straight - Gatorskins are NOT that tough, regardless of what the marketing blurb tells you - I've had tyres get shredded on one ride. I still have a couple knocking about, but keep them as emergency spares - GP4 Seasons are a far better tyre in comparison but probably not tough enough.
    I've just ditched a pair of Marathon Pluses after 5 years - plenty of towpath, fireroad and offroad and not one single puncture - they simply wore out.
    Duranos are a good compromise if you want more speed
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    Durano or Durano Plus?
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