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Sora brake levers

foxdalefoxdale Posts: 5
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Ihave bought a specialized allez sport, i am struggling with reach on the shimano sora brake levers i have been told there is an adjuster screw under the hood to move the levers closer to the handle bars, i can't find this screw on mine whereabouts is it?


  • Father JackFather Jack Posts: 3,508
    Or new shoter stem, or perhaps rotate bars slightly?
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  • leighzleighz Posts: 175
    iirc they have different thickness rubber pads between the lever and the clamp body which adjusts the reach
  • volvicsparvolvicspar Posts: 208
    Be careful the adjuster screws are really soft and disintegrate easily.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,192
    sora doesn't have adjustment screws, it's rubber pads... ... 79&V=8&SP=
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  • volvicsparvolvicspar Posts: 208
    sungod wrote:
    sora doesn't have adjustment screws, it's rubber pads... ... 79&V=8&SP=

    Mine do, perhaps the newer ones are different though (mine are a few years old).
  • bill57bill57 Posts: 454
    Mine do too, but they're 8 speed. The tech sheet sungod is linking to are clearly 9 speed.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,192
    yep i'm talking 9 speed, should've made it clearer, soz etc.
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • s1lkos1lko Posts: 39
    I have the current 9 speed Sora and can confirm there are no screws. The bike should have come with little wedges that fit in the gap created when you pull the brake lever.
  • My bike didn't come with the adjustment blocks, and i've had zero luck in getting hold of any. Tried several bike shops and online - nobody seems to stock the Sora ones, and none appear willing to get hold of any, I guess because they'll make so little profit on them, I think they only cost about £1.50 each.

    Maybe your LBS will be nice enough to order some in.
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  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    bill57 wrote:
    Mine do too, but they're 8 speed.

  • ....picked up two pairs of the rubber shims from my LBS (who supplied my bike a few weeks back) earlier today...they admitted they hoard them from the bikes they make up - apparently every set of shifters comes with the spares - but they are always there for the asking, free of charge!
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