Oakley Jawbones: Fogging and fit?

Rich K47
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I was about to get some Radars but having just tried some Jawbones they seem a lot more comfortable. My concern is that they are so close fitting they'll just fog up as soon as you start climbing, even with the vented lenses. Does anybody have any experience of this? Also, once it gets really steep I prefer to be able to stick them in my helmet vents out of the way. This seems to to be very secure with Radars but does it work with Jawbones and their less sprung arms? Thanks for any advice.


  • I'd like to buy the flat jacket and I'm wondering if it also suffers from this.
  • I have a pair of jawbones and use the vented clear lenses most often

    They fog only at the top of a strenuous climb in humid conditions after you have stopped to wait for your pals to catch up

    As soon as you are moving again they are fine

    They are the best cycling glasses I have ever used

  • solboy
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    I have the Jawbines and love them. I recently used some light red lenses and these did tend to fog up but it was a humid day. Overall i am very pleased but like you i agonised between the Radars and Jawbones.

    What cliched it for me is that the Jawbones fitted better look better off the bike.
  • orbeaorca
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    Have experienced some minor fogging when not moving but it soon clears once I start moving again.
    I don't have vented lenses just standard VR28 Black Iridium and Transistions.
    As for wether they will fit in your helmet vents I have never tried but a certain Mr Andy Schleck didn't seem to have any problems in the tour.