New Buyer Experience (Feedback/Review/Tips)

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Hi Guys,

Wanted to contribute something for other novice buyers since i was fortunate enough to get some great advice on a couple of things using these forums. Hope this is useful for someone!

- I am completely new to the sport and had no idea where to start a couple of weeks ago.

- I now have a Cube Peloton 2010 (£599.25), some SPD Shimano pedals (£19.99) and am awaiting my Shimano RT51 shoes (£53.99).

Prices - I stumbled across them trawling through prices for the Aerial and couldn't find anyone close to them on value. My local dealer was selling the same bike for £800 and would only do a 7.5% discount to compete. He then went on to 'warn' me about shipping costs, difficult assembly, fraud etc and even went on to say he was going to lodge a complaint with Cube regarding these 'cowboys' devaluing the bikes. For that kind of response i knew i was getting a good deal. It turns out i couldn't beat it anywhere - i was looking for the catch.
- Delivery was free, i made payment on Monday evening, received the bike via UPS on Wednesday early afternoon - in Christchurch, Dorset - the full length of the UK.
- On several times i called customer services to discuss warranty and other bikes. Customer service was always excellent. Warranty repairs are free and it covers the cost of posting the bike back up to Glasgow; a big reassurance there.
- Assembly. The bike came part built. I was advised in advance that the bikes are built and tested before they are dispatched and you only need a set of Allen Keys to attach the saddle, the handlebars and the front wheel. Easy.
- Secure payment through the website and used a credit card too for peace of mind.

CHAINREACTIONCYCLES.COM huge range of accessories and very competitive prices
REVELOUTDOORS.CO.UK (got my shoes here) cheap footwear deals
WIGGLE.COM everyone seems to use these guys, i got my pedals here (50% discount!) look for vouchers online - if you supply an email address you'll get £5 off a £50 order.
WINSTANLEYSBIKES.CO.UK (Wigan) next best prices i found on Cube bikes, great service when i called to negotiate on prices.

Whatever you do, SHOP AROUND - I saved £200 on my bike, £20 on my pedals and £26 on the shoes. The websites above were among the best but im sure you'll come up with plenty more.

Halfords were kind enough to order in a pair of shoes for me to try on and let me saddle up on a bike for sizing; i thoroughly recommend doing this if you are buying online!


Well, i really like the look of it - a major contributing factor in my decision to go for one in the first place. The bike feels light enough at 9.2kg and strong. I took it out today for my first ride (in trainers!) and thoroughly enjoyed myself, anybody contemplating getting into road bikes will be in for a real treat on your first ride. It's so responsive, and you can really shift when you go hard at it.