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New here. Hello!

PspeakPspeak Posts: 11
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Hello Everyone.

Just a quick one to say hello really.
Should be picking up my 2010 Trek Ticket 30 next week hopefully.

Can't seem to find any reviews on them so anyone know of anything i need to look out for on them or anyone own one themselves? It just seemed to have a pretty good spec for the price i was willing to pay.

I'm from Leicester but recently moved down to Hertfordshire due to work.




  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035

    Never seen that bike....

    OOI - £???
  • Davy-gDavy-g Posts: 401
    G'Day and welcome to the forums.. looks like you will be the first user review of the Trek on here.. :wink::wink:
  • PspeakPspeak Posts: 11
    Well, i've paid £650 (C2W) but it can be bought from Evans for £499! Evans aren't in the same C2W scheme my employer is dealing with which is a shame. But £500 for that spec is about the best i could find.

    Should be getting it in the next week or two so i'll post up a bit of a review when i get it. Quite nice looking IMO....hence getting it. Google it if you've not seen it.


  • mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,469
    lo matey :D
  • Hello, welcome!
  • Just googled the bike, doesn't look too bad at all. Enjoy the ride and be sure to post up a review of it once youve had a few rides out on it. Oh yeah, welcome matey.
  • Cheers for the welcome chaps :)

    Picked the bike up Monday night. Chuffed to bits with it.

    Not really got any basis for comparison because it's the first MTB i've owned since i was about 13 years old.

    Rode it to work and back yesterday, roughly 18 mile round trip. Legs and censored are pretty sore but that was to be expected i guess seing as i do no other exercise what so ever. But i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The bike seems great, gunna go kit myself up this weekend with tools, spare tubes etc so i'm a bit more prepared for the inevitable breakdowns on the way to/from work.

    Got lost on the way to work yesterday and ended up somewhat off the beaten track in about 6ft of stingers and brambles but all good fun.

    If anyone sees a 20 something lad puffing and panting up a hill on a blue and white trek in the Hatfield area give us a wave.

    Cheers all.
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