Do SPD-SL offer more support than SPD's

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On my commuter I run SPD's, on my road bike I run SPD-SL. I notice that on my commuter with my cheap spez.that my left foot cants inwards a little bit more than on my road bike. I also feel like my foot is less stable and sometimes get a hot spot.

On my road bike with S-works spez shoes and spd-sl's I dont get anything like this.

Could SPD-SL + better shoes help with support and comfort?

Basically, would upgrading my shoes and fitting SPD-SL pedals make my life better on my commuting bike ;-)



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    Yes it would. Your experience of the 2 systems is absolutely what most people get.
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    Are you using two different pairs of shoes for your two bikes?

    If the cleat mounting on a shoe is just slightly out to what you need to feel comfortable it will cause problems like toes in/out or that annoying "hotspot". I've found that choosing the right shoes and taking time to set up the correct cleat position makes the difference.
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    Does anyone commute in London in SPD-SL's Is it as safe as spds?
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    Does anyone commute in London in SPD-SL's Is it as safe as spds?

    Yes, no probs. Go the pedal position pretty well dialled so I can kick straight in 95 times out of 100. I find it easier to clip out of SPD-SLs then spds but that could just be that I am more used to them.

    Awkward to walk in though.
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    It is the shoe that gives the support. The cleat merely connects the shoe to the pedal.

    If you are getting hot spots this is because the sole of the shoe is too flexible.

    I can get hotspots with my Shimano MT60s. My M183s have a carbon fibre sole and I can ride for hours with no foot problems at all.

    Have a look at the Sport or, better still, the Competition shoes on the Shimano website mtb shoe section.
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