Cyclocross bike comfy enough for day long rides?

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I'm about to invest £600-1000 in a road bike that I need to be comfortable enough to do some 60-80 mile rides in a day, and that can take a little bit of punishment if I take it over the occasional pothole, dirt track, or commute with it in a city. I want also to be able to use if for some week-long touring, so would need to be able to take some loaded panniers.

I'm looking at the Specialized Tricross because it's said to be a steady ride that can take some weight. But I've read that cyclocross bikes are a bit stiff and therefore not comfortable for a 6-8 hour ride.

Is this true? Would anyone be kind enough to give advice for a bike that I could put a Brooks saddle on (or is that just silly?) and do 80miles, but is of roadbike pedigree?

I'm also looking at the Cannondale CAAD series.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • alan_sherman
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    Sounds like oyu want a touring bike - so why are you looking at cyclocross?

    Dawes, or perhaps edinburgh bike coop's own brand might fit the bill.
  • Eldrake
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    From what I've read, since I'm not doing expedition touring, I won't need to buy a Dawes Galaxy or anything since you can use a sturdy road bike for day tours.

    I'm looking at cyclocross because I want to be able to take it through the odd field and because I believe it will be good for hopping off curbs if I take it into town as a commuter.

    But it does need to be comfortable for 6 hours a day.
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    I bought a Spesh Tricross for commuting, but it was a special deal, set up as a single speed, with a 42/18 gear. I added a 16 cog on the flip/flop hub.
    I have Schwalbe Marathon+ tyres on it, full mudguards and a Brooks B17 to sit on. It's hardly a lightweight.

    But I found it SO comfy that I now use it on longer rides. It's (for me) a combo of the carbon fork and high bar position which makes it so good. It's relaxed - it's not a racer. :D

    I suspect you will be after lots of gears. I saw one set up with a triple crank and (I think) 9-speed Tigra in my LBS last week and it looked the business...but a lot more pricey than the £250 I paid for mine.
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
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    A guy called Vin Cox has just broken the world record for cycling around the world on a CX bike Its the bike I would really like to have: The Genesis croix de fer
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    One of the guys in the commuting section does touring on his CX. Think it's a Tricross he has.
  • cougie
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    I've heard that the tricross are heavy and have brake judder ?

    Get an Uncle John from Planet X. I had mine about 3 weeks and did a 120m sportif riide on it - it was great. Easily kept up with the carbon bikes.
  • Eldrake
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    Thanks guys, I went for the Specialized Tricross Sport 2010 - I understand they fixed the brake judder problem that was prevalent on the 2009 models, I think it's going to be good!
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    Eldrake wrote:
    Thanks guys, I went for the Specialized Tricross Sport 2010 - I understand they fixed the brake judder problem that was prevalent on the 2009 models, I think it's going to be good!

    Good choice :) I bought one a couple of months back and have been delighted with it so far. I've had a lot of use out of it, it's a great all rounder and much better suited to road riding than my mountain bike!
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    +1 for the Tri-cross
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    I Have just built up a Surly Cross Check for a winter/wet road trainer and touring as it has relavent braze on's for racks mud guards etc. Ok it is not light but have been out on a hilly ride today and I am impressed.This is My second Surly I have the fixxie ,their frames are plain but solid ,they do what it says on the tin!. check the surly site
  • Yes, the Surly CrossCheck is just brilliant! Have had mine since May, and have had it round a couple of 7 Stanes trail centres, done a loaded tour up the west coast of Scotland to Fort William, and stripped it down for fast road rides. My 'fast' bike has just broken so it looks like I'll be doing the Tour of Tweeddale sportive next weekend on the Surly. So comfortable, so versatile and zips along nicely when you want it to!

    But lots of people buy the Tricross. Sure you'll have a great time with it!