Goo time for 40k TIme Trial

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Hi all,

just wondered what's considered a good time for a 40k Time Trial?

Currently my PB is 58:55 for the 40k



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    I'd say breaking the hour is good. It does have to be on a proper course though - not just a self measured 40km - thats too open to having a tail wind all the way.
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    as fast as you can go.
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    58:54 :lol:
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    Show off...
  • Haha! I used to do long distance and got into Time Trialling about a year ago during last triathlon season. So now am looking at buying a TT bike and hopefully il be even quicker and maybe enter a few races.

    Cheers guys (and girls if there are any replies from girls, don't wanna be seen as being sexist now do I!!!)
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    If that's done on a road bike with no tri bars etc then that is fantastic!

    You'll be winning road races/TT's left right and centre!
  • It's on a road bike but with Tri bars and 50mm aero wheels...iv just been using my road bike as at the moment I am a bit limited on funds to buy a new bike!

    Any recommendations for races in Hertfordshire or local areas?
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    does`nt matter how quick you are , theres always some bugger out there quicker than you are.

    "whats good for a 40 k tt?"
    well i would say around 56 .30 mins.
    thats what you need to be doing to get your entry accepted into the nationals and some of the bigger events in the country.
    so if your riding in these events , you could consider yourself to be vaugly good.
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
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    I was in the slowest 10 accepted into the Nat 25 with 56:35. Not sure that's representative of my ability though as I crashed in that one...

    From my experience I think:

    Under the hour - solid club rider
    Mid 50s - fast club rider
    low 50s and under - Open event placer/winner

    And of course, we haven't even considered the course. If you did that time on 'that Welsh course' then that's much less of an achievement than if you did it on a hilly 25!

    Definitely a very good start though.
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    The hour isn't too much of a barrier these days for your average club racer. We did an interclub event one evening this year and we had about 10 riders inside the hour - they weren't all keen time triallists and one guy did a 57 on a standard road bike and it's his first year riding. We did win that interclub event, but we then had an interclub against another local club and got smashed so we are probably a fairly average bunch. From that I'd say to be considered good by the standards of the UK time trialling scene you'd want to be a bit faster than some of the estimates given - for me at least inside 55 minutes (which I'm not btw).

    If you've worked hard over a period of time though whatever you do is an achievement - we aren't all born with the same talent and it's a race against the clock at least as much as a race against others.

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    Depends on the course, on anything other than a fast course, a middling 50 is very good IMO. As Sub55 has said, to be accepted for alot of events on the faster courses and the Nationals, you are looking at least being faster than 57 mins.
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    Yes I am talking about pbs so assuming a fast course, decent day etc - makes a huge difference .

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.