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Hayes HFX9 pads

simmo3801simmo3801 Posts: 486
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I bought a pair of replacement pads for my Kona Cindercone that has Hayes HFX9 brakes. I bought them from Superstar components as they were a good price. I fitted them back in Dec and through months of snow and then work and diy committments haven't been out much on my bike. I've been out a few times recently and the front brake is squealing like mad and won't turn freely as the pads appear to be too thick. I tried changing them round and putting them in the rear but they were worse there. I've pushed the pistons back as far as I can but they still rub like mad. I now pads need to bed in etc but surely there should be enough room for the rotor to turn freely to begin with. They squeek just moving the bike backwards and forwards!

Have I been unlucky or has anyone else had problems with these pads?

Or do I just need to wear them down with use?
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