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my 2005 trek madone 5.2 frame has broken and trek have agreed to replace it under warranty. Only problem is they have only offered me a 2010 4.7 madone frame as a replacement. my 5.2 frame is olcv carbon but the 4.7 frame is only tct carbon. Should I push for a 5.2 frame or am i expecting too much????????


  • Just tell 'em you expect like for like if they can't replace your old frame because it's either too expensive for them or it's out of production. A good way to start is that in your opinion, the closest replacement available currently on the market is the 5.2. I don't even know about Treks, but your argument seems valid enough.

    If you do it politely it can't hurt to try, can it? As long as you state your case and outline clear reasons why, I don't see why you can't come up trumps. Sounding confident but not cocky is the key. If it sounds like you're just trying to pull a fast one, you won't get anywhere. If it sounds like you'll be fobbed off with any old thing, you won't get anywhere.

    As long as you're reasonable, firm and polite, you can pretty much get away with most things in life. Doesn't always work with chicks though....!! ;-)

    Let us know how you get on!
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    think it gets a bit worse here.

    The latest 2011 Series 5 madone is also a TCT frame as are the TT frames as well. The only OCLV frame they do is the 6 series now.

    Bit of a shame as it means I can't upgrade my 4 series to a 5 series either.

    Are they replacing the frame and taking your groupset over from the damaged one or giving you a whole new bike ?
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    They are only offering to change the frame and I will need to re fit all my components myself