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Are SRAM XX shifters compatible with matchmaker clamps?

MAS4T0MAS4T0 Posts: 43
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The SRAM website states that SRAM XX triggers and X0 10 speed triggers are compatible with a new matchmaker standard, MatchMaker X.

This new standard is also compatible with the brakes belonging to the XX and X0 families.

I am currently using Elixir R's, which are compatible with the normal MatchMaker standard, but incompatible with MatchMaker X clamps (due to the fact that they have a split clamp).

I just cannot justify changing these brakes, which as far as I'm concerned are perfect.

I am intending to convert to a 2x10 gearing system, so will be replacing virtually everything. As it stands, it seems that I may have to use X9 shifters in order to mount them along with my brakes on MatchMaker clamps.

So, back to the original question. Are SRAM XX and X0 10 speed triggers incompatible with standard MatchMaker clamps? Has anyone tried to mount them?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Elixirs with 10speed XX or X0 shifters.

    I have just been trawling through the Sram/Avid stuff and i can find nothing saying anything either way.

    but it does look like both versions use the same fitting for the shifters.

    so should be fine.
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  • Same mounting fixtures on X9's X0's and XX's so yes they are.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Yep, the XX shifters are the same attachment, so you'll be fine, they do look very neat with the Matchmaker X clamps certainly:


    FWIW, I probably wouldn't bother with XX shifters if you've got Elixir R brakes, the X.0 are going to be virtually identical functionally, but a bit heavier and a chunk cheaper, put the money toward something else. I've not been hugely blown away with XX, it's not worth the money IMO.
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