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Hope pro 2

dommccabe17dommccabe17 Posts: 56
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
my new hope hoops arrived this week. The rear hub feels a little stiff, like its dragging a bit. is this normal for these hubs i.e takes a few rides to loosen up? If not can anyone tell me how I can cure it?
Its not the disc pads catching , spin it wth brake removed and it is still the same.


  • edjoedjo Posts: 50
    They should feel like that - Hope use decent double sealed bearings that drag a little compared to cup/cone (Shimano) but it means there's longer life and less servicing.

    Live with it for long life, race-prep them for really fast running.

    The race-preps we do, run for a season and then have the bearings removed and measured for wear and lateral movement. My trail ones with the full seals in have done approx 20,000km through wind, rain, grit, snow and anything else including travelling with the BOB trailer and they're still perfect.
  • warrerjwarrerj Posts: 665
    WHat you do you do to race-prep 'em ??
  • andyrmandyrm Posts: 550
    It's totally normal as per edjo's post. It's down to good primary seals on the bearings then also the o-ring seal on the adapter too. You can help it with a tiny smear of grease, but to be honest, the little bit of seal drag is well worth it!

    My new INA ceramics in my Pro 2's drag more than the old cartridges they replaced, but the actual rotation is definitely smoother.
  • Thanks for responding. First hope hubs I've run so wasn't sure if it was normal or not.

  • edjoedjo Posts: 50
    race-prep involves a full strip and removal of the bearing seals with a small amount of a high-speed grease added. they run like lightning, but need to be looked after.
  • vmgscotvmgscot Posts: 120
    I have old Hope XC hubs on my 456 and Peo2 on my full susser. From my (bitter) experience I would recommend you pull the hub apart and stick some extra grease in the appropriate areas.

    The sealing around the freehub is quite weak on Hope hubs I have had and let water in rather too easily for the cost of these things. Bearings never last more than a single season for me (up here in SW Scotland). that with my Original 1995 XT 'cup and cone' hubs that still run sweet every day (now on my commute bike). Progress eh?
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