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Sportypal stealing my awesome.......

SamWise72SamWise72 Posts: 453
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I have a Blackkberry with GPS, and I downloaded Sportypal to use when I don't need the Satnav (I'm a consultant, so I'm often using Satnav to get me places I've never been before). I mostly wanted it for distance and average speed, where it can't really fail, but the max speed bit is pissing me off. I used it a few times in London in my top pocket, and it would say my fastest was 23mph, which I foiund very dispiriting.

Last week, however, I used it on a long ride on my folder, and instead of having it in my top pocket, I put it in the cradle I use when using it for Satnav. Hammering down a hill, it reads 32 mph, which is bloody fast for that bike, and makes me question the speeds it gave me before. Get to destination, and low and behold, the graph shows a peak speed of 22.9! I guess it's actually dividing the ride into lumps, and that was my fastest average for 10% of the ride, but dammit, I went FASTER!

Does anyone know a free app that'll give me similar distance, average speed, and estimated calories info (perhaps taking better account of elevation) and also give me true "max speed* readings after a ride?
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  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    I tried a free app but was utter garbage.... just stick to the cycle computer

    I appreciate that doesn't really help. just read some reviews and spend a couple of quid?
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  • SamWise72SamWise72 Posts: 453
    Trouble is, I currently alternate 5 different bikes for commuting; I'm about to add a Brompton, and as projects get finished, there are at least another 5 too. That's a lot of computers, and I hate all the wires.

    My wants from this are very simple; distance and average speed, transferable from one bike to another is the minimum, and Sportypal gives me that. The calorie estimate is fun, more elevation data would be fun, but most of all, I just want it to tell me what my peak speed was on a ride. That should be achievable, and I might even pay a tenner for it.
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    tried endomondo
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