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Where to put front light when you have a basket

Mr TomMr Tom Posts: 66
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I bought a second hand Dutch bike the other day which has a basket at the front. I had to switch the lights as the old ones were a dynamo system with no standlight for traffic lights and junctions. The old dynamo front light fitted a bracket on the fork, but my new B&M dynamo/light setup won't work with this. So, I can either get a new bracket to fit the fork below the dynamo or on the other side of the fork (I think I've worked out a way to do this), or look at mounting the light on the front of the basket (I found one with a mount). Just wondered what other people have done. At the moment my light is mounted on the fork crown but this meant removing the basket.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    on the front of the basket.

    on a fork leg.

    thats just about it.
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  • Dutch Town Bikes (Stadsfiets) are great, I had one for a few years and cycled it around hilly Edinburgh with no real problems, even once participating in an Alleycat on it. Dynamo lights, prop-stand, bolted on lock and a really cool FCN for collecting scalps! Enjoy :-)
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  • Mr TomMr Tom Posts: 66
    Yeah, I love it! I've ridden a BMX, MTB and fast tourer before but this is really something else! Just so chilled out and fun to ride. Also practical with the features you mentioned, I think the covered chain and hub gear is the best thing for me - no more oil on my trousers. Also the basket and pannier rack with elastic is cool for shopping.
    Orbit Fast Tour
    Mondia 96 (Belgian 'Dutch' bike)
    Ridgeback Envoy
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