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Is it just the cable?

bbugbbug Posts: 83
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I've been having trouble shifting gears on my rear mech (deore LX). If I change up to larger cogs, I have to give it a couple of clicks before anything happens. Ditto changing down the cassette, but if I don't give it a couple of clicks back up, I get unexpected shifts or jumping.

I've tried adjusting everything, (L and H and B screws) and all seems to be OK. It must be the cable, I think. It seems very stiff. I've taken it off and cleaned and greased it, but there's been no improvement. Is there a point at which no amount of oiling will make a difference? Do I need to try a new cable?

If so, which? The bike is a rockhopper disc 2008.

Thanks in advance for any replies


  • just buy any gear cable, it may be beneficial to change your outers while you're at it!

    I like XT cables + outers. Always have and never had any issues!
  • bbugbbug Posts: 83
    Thanks @NM.

    I had to change the inner a few months back and it was OK for a while, but now it's back with a vengeance. I don't much like the way the cable loops back to the meac. It looks like a weak spot to me.
  • after a while you can get cable stretch which requires a bit of tweeking... try the adjusters on your shifters 1st!
  • scazzerscazzer Posts: 254
    ive got same set and had same problem,would clean bike and attempt to set gears up and could never get them spot on :oops:

    Ive got malt 4 and some1 mentioned that the lower outer could have some dirt in it so i now slacken the cable and use gt85 on the cable and slide the outer up and down and keep wiping the cable to remove any dirt,do this for couple minutes and ive never had a problem with setting up the gears up and they work smoothly,hope this helps :wink:
  • UchigaUchiga Posts: 230
    Check How Tight the cable is if you can. Then adjust them little barrel screw adjusters on the shifters themselves. Thats something worth doing while your riding so you can check them as you go along. If that makes no differance with the shifting and neither does lubing it up with some teflon based liquid or lube it seems like a whole inner and outer change is worth doing. If you dont want the same problem again look for an outer cable that will prevent dust and mud and grit from getting dragged in with the cable. I have Shimano XTR inner and outer and not only do they look the part they come self lubed and have these rubber feet type things to prevent mud and crud getting into the inner. Alternativly you can find other gear cables that cover the whole of the cable from shifter to rear mech completely. It's worth looking around for something as small an minor as that and it may be more expensive but its certianly worth it in terms of long term maintanence.
  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    Always clean cables as the first task, before making any adjustment. This sounds like cables or cable outers are the problem. Don't fiddle with tension or alignment adjustment until you are sure your cables are clean.

    If you have greased the cables, you'll need to remove that. blowing some WD40 or degreaser through the outers and then allow to dry, then squirt some chain lube or teflon lube through the outers, wipe the cable as re-insert everything.

    If you like the mud, try full outers or XTR cables which are slightly thinner.

    It could be a tension issue, but it doesn't sound like it
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