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OK so i'm ready to change my rear hub for a disc hub but i'm an amateur wheel builder (i built one, once).

My rim is an 'Alex ACE-19, 32 hole, double wall rim' off a 2006 Tricross Sport. I want to buy the Deore M525 disc rear hub

I just wanted to make sure that these will be compatable etc. I will be putting the finished wheel on my Kona Sutra.

Really I'm not sure about 2 things:
1: Are MTB hubs and road hubs the same width to fit into the drop-outs.
2: Can anyone tell me what size spokes i'd need, or should i go to my LBS?

I hope these questions don't make me look like too much of a loser. At least i'm giving it a go as my Mum would say!
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    There are numerous spoke length calculators online. When I laced/built my last wheel I had to make numerous measurements of the hub but the spokelength was spot-on. Are you going to add disc brakes to the bike as there are no disc mounts on the frame? You might be confusing the rack and mudguard eyes for discmounts.
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    Don't know about "over there" but the bike shop I deal with "over here" will tell me what I need as long as I buy the spokes there. Seems to work for me.
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    MTB and Road hubs are not the same width.

    130mm O.L.D. for the road and the frame will not have disc mounts.

    MTB 135mm O.L.D.

    "road" frames with disc mounts will be 135mm O.L.D.
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  • Rick,

    +1 for what nicklouse said.

    You don't mention the number of crosses so assuming 3

    Alex ACE-19: ERD = 598.6
    Deore M525
    OLD = 135mm
    PCD = 61mm
    CTFl = 32.2mm
    CTFr = 18.5mm
    ø = 2.5mm (guess)

    Spoke Length non drive side = 290
    Spoke Length drive side = 288

    You can download my Database and SLC from here
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  • ricktabor1
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    Thanks guys,

    This is fascinating stuff. I've never had to use these measurements before because my 1st wheel building attempt involved me taking a wheel apart, and putting it back together (just for fun)!

    I had no idea what the abbreviations were at first but i just watched the 'Hub Measurement' movie on the 'Wheelingwrinklies' website and everything has become clear. Great stuff.

    The Kona Sutra frame that i bought definately does have disc mounts, so i guess the 135mm OLD hub is the correct one.

    Thanks again Nick and 2phat4rapha. I'm made up.
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