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Possibly stupid question about my headtube...

gtd.gtd. Posts: 626
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I have a Carrera Hellcat unsure of year buy the base of the headtube looks like it has a spacer :? about 10mm in hight that the lower race for the ahead set fits into.
Not the greatest pic but you can just make out at the base of the head tube is there is a groove half way down the fatter section. there is also a chip in the above the grove but not below it making it appear like it is removable. I've also removed the forks and had a look and it looks like it is removable.

Is this removable? so the lower race can go into the actual head tube rather than this "extension"

If so I'd have greater choice of second hand forks 8)
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the helcat seems to normally take a standard headset.

    that looks like an extender that takes a bearing direct.

    If it is removable and if a new standard headset is fit able then you will have gained nothing give or take a mm.

    i would be leaving it.
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