What inner tube do I need? (Sorry for sounding thick)

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Forgive my naivety but I I'm not sure what to buy I have a Giant Talon 2.5 ( http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-gb/bikes/mountain/3682/35817/)
and the wheel diameter is 26" I'm not sure what you mean by presta and schraeder.

I have looked on wiggle  http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Continental_Quality_Pack_Of_10_MTB_Inner_Tubes/5360025966/ and Im not sure what to buy?



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    Presta and schrader are the different types of valves on the inner tube. Schrader being the same as the one you will have on a car tyre.

    Just match your tubes to the measurements on your tyres which will be 26 x.....

    Spare tubes i have are 26 x 1.75 up to 26 x 2.10 fitment

    Hope that helps?
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    Just to explain a bit more, the first number is the size of the wheel so 26" is for a 26 inch wheeled bike (most MTBs) and 700c will be for road bikes.

    The second number is the width of the tyre that the tube is designed for. They'll normally have a range, like 1.5"-2.0". So it's best to make sure that the tube range matches with your size of tyres, although it's not particularly critical. If the tube is a bit small, it'll just be more stretched and will be slightly thinner as a result. Likewise, if it's a bit bigger, e.g a 2.25"-2.5" tube in a 2.1" tyre, it'll be slightly thicker, possibly giving better puncture resistance, but at the cost of a little more weight, but it's not really a problem.

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