Boardman Hybrid Pro 2010-2011 Model WARNING

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Please be advised only buy this bike in the knowledge there is an issue with the crank.

The bottom bracket has an issue where when you rotate the pedals the arms come very close to the frame.

This can be confirmed when checking the clearances on other Boardman bikes.

Therefore if you start applying pressure whilst you ride you get a nocking noise.

which is in fact you damaging your frame 8-(


  • dru
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    What is Boardman Bikes official response to this? (I presume to have had conversations with them about this very subject?)
  • I noticed the issue last week,

    So the bike went into Halfords, and they did the "6 week check-up"

    and told me they couldnt find an issue with the bike and that it was ok

    So last night on my daily 9 mile bike ride i noticed it was making the noise again.

    When I got off I noticed a scoring starting to appear on the frame.

    As always I was 5 miles away from my base, so I had to ride it back

    I rung Halfords on while I was driving over and explained what I had noticed.

    When I got to Halfords they agreed the clearance isnt adequate as they could push the arms into the frame on the PRO they had in the store.

    Luckily they gave me a full refund, just very gutted now as I have no bike