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Is all lycra shiny?

f_rederikf_rederik Posts: 53
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Suddenly discovered an urge to escape the Middle-Aged-Man-In-Lycra branding, and was wondering if all lycra is shiny, or only the cheapo stuff?

To be honest I'd much prefer a look more similar to normal clothes, but that ship seems to have sailed.

Any clues please fellas?


  • HarveytileHarveytile Posts: 227
    Non shiny is easily available but just throw some baggies over the cheapo shorts and the problem disappears - literally. :lol:

    I have some Pearl Izumis that look just like cotton but they don't wick nearly as well as my other shorts.
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  • sundogsundog Posts: 243
    I like white bikes
  • garryc wrote:

    Melike those. But hefty price. Ah. It's Rapha, that'd be why...
  • timmyflashtimmyflash Posts: 526
    I've got a couple of bits of which i find to be an acceptable face of cycling. Well, the tops anyway.
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  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    Giordana Lazer bibs aren't shiny (or at least, weren't when I last bought some) and last ages. Not too expensive either.

    Otherwise baggies are a pretty good option if you're looking to escape lycra, these look good - and Endura Humvee's are great (last forever) if a little plasticy.

    Personally I'd just suck it in :!: , suck it up and enjoy the ride! You can't beat lycra for comfort on the bike.
  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    Lets see....

    In the search for the holy grail of shorts I have 6 brands of lycra shorts:-

    Edinbugh Bike Coop.

    None of them are shiny 8)

    PS:- Save yourself time and ultimately money by going straight for the Assos. Expensive but if you spend hours in the saddle, well worth it in the long run.
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  • Thanks! Some great ideas here.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Plenty of non-shiny stuff. Personally I think Assos are overpriced and my bum doesnt really notice any comfort difference. They are well made though.
  • The original Lycra was/is shiny.

    Good shorts these days are often made from Lycra Extra Life, which is sometimes called Power Lycra. This is unshiny.
  • OlliedaOllieda Posts: 1,010
    None of my cycling stuff is shiny. Might be becuase of what Berk Bonebonce said above.

    One thing I have noticed is that my nike pro shorts I used to wear for rugby look very shiny when stretched more than normal(they are slightly on the small side for me nowdays lol) but fine when they are not stretched too much. Might be possible your lycras are being over stretched, i.e. too small?
  • Ollieda wrote:
    .... fine when they are not stretched too much. Might be possible your lycras are being over stretched, i.e. too small?

    Oh no! I'm a FATMAMIL! Could well be..
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