do i need too use this?

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do i need the conical shaped crane creek spacer on top of my Aheadset 1-1/8" Integrated headset cover or is it ok to bin the conical spacer and just use conventinal spacers in its place?

i hate how the thing looks and i wanna lower my stem and cut back the steerer tube.

sorry for the wishy washy explaination guys, but hopefully you will get what i'm trying to explain.

i'm trying to achieve pretty much what is shown in the top pic in this thread.........

is this gonna cause me problems without the conical shaped spacer that came with the bike?

many thanks in advance. :D


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    The tapered doo dar is lipped to hold everything in place and offer some protection to the bearing, but you can get really flat ones like the one in the pic.

    Try your LBS - they usually have a box of bits in the workshop.

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    Hi, what stack height of flat ones do you need ? I have some and would be interested in a swap if you fancied it,
    Cheers, Alan