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I'm building up a new tt bike - almost finished. I'm just adding the chain (SRAM for 9 spd) but I've bu**ered it up and made the chain too small.

How can I go about lengthening it?
Can I add some of the left over links to it with a chain tool?
Or do I need to get another connecting link and add in more links between too connecting links (if you see what I mean)?
Or do I need to start again and buy a(nother) new chain?



  • nicklouse
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    another power link and more chain.
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  • Hugh A
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    I have found 9 speed SRAM chains ok to break and re-join to put extra links into. What I mean to say is I've done it and not had one break yet, but I'm not sure what the manufacturer recommends. I know Shimano ones should not be re-joined without the break-off pins. I don't have any Campag chains. Some care is required to make sure neither the links or pins get distorted or bent - if it doesn't go well then the affected links have be thrown away. The power links are easier.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere