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Tektro agura comp help :)

haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
edited October 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a few questions, i would appreciate any input!

1. I want to bleed the brakes how ever i cannot find the bleed kit in stock anywhere. I have had a look how to make my own kit but am unsure what i need to get to put into the lever resovoir(sp?).

2. The bleed valve cover has come off my rear brake, i imagine this is important to stop getting gunk in the hole. Especially since this is the whole the new oil goes through rather than through the lever like i believe most do. I cant find a new cover online, where can i get one?

3. My front and rear brakes are both agura comps, how ever the rear brake lever moves significantly less then the lever for the front. Both sets of pads have barely any wear. Will bleeding the brakes make the front lever brake without the lever having to move so far?




  • 1- take it to a store, as the avid kit is better for the lever as it screws in, and the tektro kit is better for the rear. they might be able to sell you some bits and bobs

    2- again pop into an LBS if your lucky theyll take one off a display,

    3- yes, by taking the air out of the system itll improve the lever feel no ends.

    hope that helps
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    I actually work in halfords bikehut, well today was my last day infact. I have been the BMX specialist and so didnt really deal with hydraulic disk brakes. I know my friends can bleed brakes there but i would like to be able to do it myself :D

    I am going to go in and take a bleed nipple cover off a display bike lol.

    As for the avid bleed kit, i am slightly confused. Are you saying i can infact bleed the brake pushing new oil into the lever rather than the caliper?
  • I have the same brakes and use the following to bleed them:
    - Syringe (from ebay) with a length of plastic tube (from B&Q) attached to the calliper to pump mineral oil (the Shimano stuff that's available on Wiggle and Chain Reaction) up through the system
    - On the handle bar I hang an ice cream tube below the lever to catch the fluid that's forced out of the reservoir.

    Petra Cycles claim to have replacement covers in stock:

    Hope this helps too.
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    That helps very much so mate, i just spoke to my supervisor at work and he said i can take a bleed valve cap off a bike there, so thats sorted.

    I will go and get the hose and syringe tomorow. What sice hole am i looking for? Pretty small i guess as i need a tight fit.

    Also for the drip tub, do you attach a tube? or you just let it drip out the top of the lever?
  • i work in a bikehut too, bit of an MTB guy thou, so learnt about these things. i found with 2 syringes it worked much better, but yes it isnt possible to do without. and yeah when i lost mine i pilfered one of a display bike. the 1 tip id give u, is take the pads out and then make sure u put something in (pref a bleed block, but lots of cardboard will do the job) because i broke my rear caliper by not putting something in it.

    may i suggest however you get your freind to do it but show you, or walk you through it? thats how i learnt and it meant it worked much better.
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    Ah cool, where do you work mate?

    Maybe i should just get him to show me, i like to do stuff myself but i guess i may aswell use my resources!

    Just hard to get him when hes not busy, when ever he is at work hes running around like a mad man haha.
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    I cant find the tubing on BandQ, could some one link me, or give me an idea of what to search.

    I have tried:-

    Flexible tubing, clear flexible tubing, clear tubing etc.
  • OllyUKOllyUK Posts: 230
    Just use a generic bleed kit such as this: ... rc=froogle
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    Thanks mate, i was looking for one, even on ebay, but they all seemed to be like 18 pound ++
  • im working in the norwich store. and the stock alerts on various places reckon late august, so ask for a stock alert from CRC. what store did you work in?
  • haz_prohaz_pro Posts: 43
    Thanks for checking that for me, I have asked for a stock alert from CRC, although i may purchase that universal bleed kit above, hmm.

    I worked in the epsom store, had some good laughs in the 3 years i was there!
  • jon1993jon1993 Posts: 596
    i have the same brakes and the same problem but o i have to use the correct bike brake fluid or can i just use any brakew fluid ? thanks
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    see the replies in your topic.
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  • Delta5Delta5 Posts: 264
    The prefab bleed kits are just some tubing, a syringe and a bottle of oil, all of which you can get much cheaper separately. You really don't need to buy a kit.
    On Tektro Auriga Comps the new fluid (mineral oil) is put in at the calliper. You can get a nipple which screws into the reservoir - makes the job easier and less messy as the old oil flows out. I used two syringes, but actually the one at the reservoir is unnecessary and I wouldn't bother with that again - just put the end of the tube into an old jar or whatever.

    Read this thread - contains weblinks to manuals, etc.

    If your brakes are more than a year old, while you are at it you should replace all the fluid, don't just top it up. You don't have to use branded Shimano or Tektro oil - I used Weldtite Mineral Oil Brake Fluid (made by Cyclo Tools, available in a 125ml bottle) and its been fine. It's green which contrasted nicely with the original orangey-brown fluid, so looking at the top tube, when I saw green fluid coming out of the reservoir I knew I'd replaced all the old fluid.
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