Are Shimano road freehubs fundamentally different to mtb?

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I just tried to replace the knackered old freehub on an Ultegra 6500 series rear hub with a Deore one I had lying around. The first inkling I had that it might not work was when I saw the loose bearings in the Ultegra one after removing the axle - the Deore on is sealed, like the MTB ones generally are.

I was able to fit the freehub to the hub shell, but when I tried to put the axle back in it got tricky. The cone sits much further inboard than it did previously and I can't for the life of me set the cones so that they spin freely.

I suppose this is normal since the cone is looking for bearings that aren't the, but is there any think I can do to work around it? I'd rather have the sealed freehub on there for longevity. Can I plunder some parts from an old mtb hub, I wonder?



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    Shimano seem to use different cones in almost all their hubs. I bet if you try using a Deore cone on the drive side, it will work fine.

    I've done a similar bodge, transplanting the freehub body from a cheapo M475 hub onto an old XT hub.