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Please help - hydraulic brake not working - Hope Mono M4

sunkistbobsunkistbob Posts: 19
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi All

Please excuse this rookie's question as I have just got back into biking after a 6yr lay off (wrecked knees)

Anyway, I recently purchased an old Cannondale Jekyll with Hope Mono M4's. The front brake often squealed and occassionaly 'grabbed'.

This morning, I turned the bike upside down and removed the disc for a look see at the pads which I then removed for a closer inspection. Perhaps a rookie error but I then depressed the brake lever to see that the pistons were moving correctly, one moved out quicker than the other and I struggled to push it back in. I depressed the lever agin and the troublesome piston popped out along with a dribble of fluid.

i quickly replaced the piston and pushed it back in - much easier this time - and wiped off the fluid. I then replaced the pads and wheel and turned the bike back over. I then opened the reservoir and closed it again.

The brakes are now not working and there is no movement on the pads.

Would anyone have an idea of what I have done and what I may need to do to fix it?

Any suggestions and advice gratefully appreciated.

kind regards



  • You need to bleed them.
  • chedabobchedabob Posts: 1,133
    My best guess is that there's too much air in the lines now. You need to bleed it.
  • Thank you kindly for your responses.

    I think I have a book somewhere that will tell me how to do this but I guess I had best go online to look for a bleed kit now.........time to learn how to do this and perhaps I should try and book myself on a bike maintenence course :oops:

    Will any bleed kit do or should it be 'brand specific'?

    Kind regards

  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    You don't need a bleed kit for those brakes.

    You only need some pipe that fits on the bleed nipple and a bottle to colect the fluid and the DOT fluid obviously.

    There is a great video on the hope website on how to bleed their brakes and set them up etc etc
  • bleeding the older style hopes is Simple simple!
    as said, all you need is a length of tubing to collect the fluid, a jar, an 8mm spanner and the brake fluid.
    pop the tube onto the nipple,
    make sure the lever resevoir is nice and level and pop the lid off,
    top up to the brim, Crack off the bleed nipple and pull the tlever to the bar, nip up bleed nipple, release lever and top up resevoir,
    repeat until happy no more air is coming out,
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  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    It's best to do a full system flush since, one, fluid degrades and two, there are lots of little nooks and cranys that air can get trapped in with Hope brakes
  • Thank you very much indeed - one and all.

    A great help indeed.

    Kind regards

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