Getting rid of play in my 105 shifter/brake

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On my left brake there is maybe a whole centimeter of play in the lever before it actually starts to pull the cable, how can I get rid of this? I've tried lubrcating it etc but its still there.
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  • Shaun20
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    The left brake is generally set up for the rear brake, this means the longer cable runs can get gunked up with road dirt etc. more so than the front brake. Also the rear brake caliper is in direct line of fire from surface water and dirt. Therefore this is a common problem and often results in your brake levers rattling when you go over bumps.

    I would clean and lube the rear caliper with something like wd40 ,(take care not to contaminate the pads and rims) and definately replace the inner brake cables and possibly the outers. This should allow a free moving cable and caliper.