Can any one identify this hub?

mikemelbrooks Posts: 11
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I bought a pair of carbon fibre wheels of ebay And am keen to identify what this fitting is for on the hubs. both front and back wheels have it I thought it might be for a disc brake? Thanks Mike


  • softlad
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    what does the wording on the hub say..?
  • matrix yes i have googled it to death. :wink:
  • Mister W
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    It looks like a disk brake mount, a bit like centrelock but you haven't got the right number of splines for it to be that. Try the MTB section. They're more likely to know.
  • Weejie54
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    Matrix was a name used by Trek some time ago, but I think these wheels will be from:

    Send them an e-mail and ask them. Most likely some form of rotor mounting.