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New Derailleurs fitted... frickin cables! :P

phal44phal44 Posts: 240
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Day 2 (Im taking it slow since its my first time and I cba spending hours and hours doing it after work :P) of my groupset swap/install with the new Deore stuff and its all together pretty much but I havent comitted as far as cutting and crimping the new gear cables just yet!

The main reason for that being that the cable for the rear derailleur seems to come out in an awkward places no matter how I clamp it.

The way it is at the moment would mean I would need to cut it pretty short if I didn't want the end strumming my spokes!

On a side note the brakes dont feel quite as 'stoppy' as I expected but Ill wait until my new rotors arrive before I pass judgement hehe


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