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Boardman team carbon 09 upgrade

Lifeboy123Lifeboy123 Posts: 213
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I've had my bike for just over a year and at the moment quite happy and see no reason to change because the only bikes i would do or are over the £2k which is a bit too much out of my price range for now. Im looking to increase the spec of my boardman team carbon, any good value recommendations ?


  • Wheels, I swapped mine out to EA90 SL's and they made a huge diff in the ride.

    All the other bits I have upgraded have only impoved the bling factor really, and weight!
  • pabwalpabwal Posts: 90

    I have upgraded the wheels also to Bonty racelites and have changed the chainset to a standard carbon bonty lite.

    it made a hell of a difference weight wise and only cost me 180 all in.

    overall very happy though.

    my bike is in the picture gallery

    Genius Chronometro TT
  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    I have the Team Alu. It would definitely be the wheels (and tyres) to go first.
  • amnesiaamnesia Posts: 118
    I was going to post exactly the same question this evening...

    I have the 2010 Team Carbon Limited. I feel that anything less than £2k on a new bike isn't really going to be that much of an upgrade, and I can't justify spending that sort of cash on a new bike until I have lost all my excess weight and got a lot fitter.

    However, I have £500 ish to spend so was thinking Fulcrum 3s and decent tyres would do for starters. Plus a new saddle.
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