Spesh Allez slipping/ autoshifting chain under load

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I have a Spesh Allez Sport, the chain is slipping and the it is autoshifting a bit.

The story so far:

After having been forced to buy a new chain (only done 400 miles so i assume it would be fine on the old cassette? length was matched to the old one and no stiff links in it) recently, and having the cross configuration gear cables moved to be parallel as my LBS as they diagnosed the rub was causing it to be constantly slightly out of index (and thusly slipping previously) at the back, the chain is now slipping and autoshifting again under load and particularly when im using the inner cog at the front when climbing hills.

This is driving me crazy- has anyone had the same problem? could this just be line stretch on the new gear cable, as it was fine for the first 40 miles after the LBS's cable adjustment. I don't suspect a new chain/ old cassette issue as it just hasn't done enough miles yet for it to be the problem. why would it slip more when using the smaller front cog????

Sorry for the rambling post, any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. I'm stumped.

Cheers :D


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    New chain after 400 miles? You been ridin it on the beach, or have you never lubricated it??

    If the chain was actually worn out, it's possible the cassette is worn too, which would cause the chain to skip especially when stomping on the pedals going up hill.

    The 'autoshifting' as you put it, sounds like the gears need re-indexing to me.

    Is this 400 miles from new?
  • Sorry didn't make it clear, the new chain was due to me taking the old one off to fit a new front deraillieur (the sora one was crap), not fitting the it back on right, it then breaking, me losing a couple of links by the side of the road and in the end just buying a new one as i was unable to find replacement parts.

    and yes 400-500 miles (on the road!) from new so i shouldn't have thought it was cassette wear...
  • keef66
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    Presumably 500 dry miles on the road? Cassette should be fine.

    Maybe the indexing is so far out that the chain is sitting between sprockets sometimes, which would also cause it to skip forwards when stomping uphill.

    I'd set up the rear mech again from scratch. Look on the Park Tools website and / or consult the relevant Shimano tech docs pdf.
  • Thanks for that Keef, perhaps that is the best option...although in general the indexing seems pretty smooth.

    Shame, as ever I was hoping for an easy fix! :D
  • Thanks for that Keef, perhaps that is the best option...although in general the indexing seems pretty smooth.

    Shame, as ever I was hoping for an easy fix! :D
  • keef66
    keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If the indexing was that far out the whole thing would sound like a bag of spanners most of the time. Sounds like that isn't the case.

    What make is the new chain? Is it the right width (ie 8spd, 9spd or 10spd)? Is it joined with a pin or a quick link type thing?
  • Decided to upgrade to a 105 chain- no quick link just the proper break-off shimano pin. It's the right 9 speed size for the casette.

    Generally speaking it's been running reasonably well and quietly, it's just the slipping really.

    I should say it is not a regular slip/skip either, which suggests to me it's not a chain issue (I may well be wrong in this)
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    You haven't crashed it have you? Nothing bent, cracked, mech hanger ok?
    O na bawn i fel LA
  • No not been crashed and i believe the hanger etc are straight although i don't have the tool to check.

    Re-indexed last night and this seems to have improved it a bit.

    Off the the LBS on the weekend for a full check over methinks...hmmm

    Thanks for your replies guys.