Upgrade of braking system on Trek 7.6fx

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I have recently purchased a Trek 7.6fx hybrid bike and this has fitted Tektro RX1.0 levers/v brakes/pads. The braking power is inadequate for the type of road cycling I do. I use the bike as a road bike rather than a commuter and have lost some confidence as a result of the poor braking performance (for my particular usage). Can I gain any increase in braking power by changing blocks alone or should I upgrade to another model of Tektro or even change to a Shimano v brake system.
Any suggestions on pads (or v brake/ lever) would be appreciated.


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    How strong are you expecting the brakes to be? Generally even reasonably cheap v-brakes are very effective especially compared to old single pivot brakes and cantis. They definitely don't compare to the stopping power of disk brakes.

    Now onto things you could check/change

    1) Changing the blocks can help, koolstop are rated very highly
    2) Clean the braking surface with a good degreaser

    The Shimano v-brakes with the parallel push are very nice but I'm not convinced they're necessary.

    One last check, I'm assuming you know how to efficiently use brakes. Front brake, progressive pull and using the back brake rarely.
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  • Thanks for the tip on braking method and the Koolstop pads. Clearly trying a different compound would be the easiest and cheapest, and one I am willing to try. Is there a particular model of Koolstop I should be looking at?